You may have a junk car in your garage that is gathering dust and ready to be removed to a junkyard. Scrapping your junk car will help the environment. As responsible citizens, we have to do our bit for the environment and future generations.

In this post, we will explain the 9 ways in which junk car removal can help the environment.

  1. Reusing the scrap metal – The scrap metal from your junk car can be melted down and turned into new products. The scarce resources of the earth are used in the manufacturing process of new metals. The use of scrap metals in the manufacturing process of metals can reduce the use of the earth’s resources. 
  2. A regulated process is followed – Junkyards work under strict regulations and make their process environment-friendly, ethical and safe. When you use the services of a genuine junk car removal company in Vancouver, you can rest assured that they follow due legal process. 
  3. Recycling all possible parts – During junk car removal at the junkyard, all potential parts that can be recycled are taken out, separated and reused. It would include wheels, tires, floor mats, batteries and many other small components. 
  4. All toxic materials are safely disposed of – One of the reasons junk cars cause environmental pollution is the decomposition of poisonous fluids in them. The chemicals are toxic and hence they must be handled by experts. Fluids like battery acid and brake fluid are safely disposed of without causing environmental harm. 
  5. Old tires aren’t burned – Burning tires emits poisonous gas that could harm the environment. Also, if they are allowed to rot, that could also lead to the creation of harmful waste. During junk car removal, tires are safely removed and reused depending on their state. If they can’t be reused, then tires are used for a variety of other purposes. It could be used to make sandals, make rubber turf for playgrounds, or manufacture other rubber products. 
  6. Avoiding landfills – With our wasteful lifestyle, we contribute a lot to landfills. If we don’t reuse and recycle the parts of your junk car, they will end up in landfills and pollute the environment. Greenhouse gases emitted when the parts decompose are harmful to ground water and the air we breathe. Junk car removal makes sure that you don’t increase your carbon footprint. 
  7. Reusing spare parts – Just because you have decided to scrap your old clunker doesn’t mean that all its car parts have become useless. There could be many parts in the car that are still usable. Junk car removal companies make sure that they remove all working parts and reuse them. 
  8. Reusing glass – Glass takes millions of years to decompose.   Auto glass also has protective layers that prevent it from shattering during accidents. Removing glass that is in excellent condition from the junk car and reusing it is a great way to reduce wastage. 
  9. Batteries – When you use the services of a genuine junk car removal company, they will not throw away your car batteries. The chemicals and fluids from the car batteries could harm the environment. Federal and provincial governments are encouraging the use of old batteries for the production of solar panels. 

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