“Good bye old friend aka scrap car”

Cars are like a companion you spend much time with them and often have your soul attached to them and getting rid of them would’ve been the last thing on your mind! But did you know that it is possible to get cash for scrap cars and real cash for clunkers in your backyard? Is it worth leaving an asset to rust? Your car may have been good to you all these years but there comes a time when it just can’t make it or take it any longer, and it becomes a junk car! Even the best revival methods at the mechanic may seem to fall short! The workshop visits often prove super expensive and many may opt to leave their car in their driveway or back yard collecting dust and rust and inheriting the name junk car not knowing they could get cash for clunkers.

Before it’s late, reach out to the experts who will give you cash for scrap cars. It may be a painful decision but you may need to call a trusted service provider before it’s late!

Gotscrapcar services all of the Lower Mainland and offers the best cash for clunkers with zero headaches to the car owner. The team at Gotscrapcar are thoroughly experienced to take care of all your towing needs. The junk car removal  will be peaceful and you will also be remunerated with cash for clunkers knowing fully that it will be put to rest in an environmentally efficient manner. In addition to this, a portion of the proceeds from the scrap car removal services would be contributed towards local charities.

“Cash for scrap cars” program is currently only offered to the Lower Mainland cities in Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Abbotsford or anywhere else in the Lower Mainland. Please give us a call to find out if your area qualifies!

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