Got Scrap Car is a scrap car removal company that offers cash for scrap cars in Richmond. We remove scrap cars from your garage for free and will pay you instant cash. Our experts will assess your old clunker, and you will get paid based on its condition.

Scheduling the pickup of your scrap car from Got Scrap Car is easy. All you have to do is call us and give us a quick rundown about your car, including its model, make, year of manufacture and location. Our experts will assess the scrap car’s condition and give you a free, no-obligation offer. We will remove the scrap car the same day and, in some cases, it could be within the hour. You will get instant cash for scrap cars in Richmond.

We need to be aware of our carbon footprint. If you keep your scrap car in your garage for a long time, you are polluting your environment. Fluids from your old clunker will leak and contaminate the water sources. It could adversely affect the plant and animal life around you. Toxic gases from these junk cars could pollute the air we breathe in. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to allow us to tow away your scrap car and get cash for it.

If you are looking for a company that offers cash for scrap cars in Richmond, call us now and schedule your pickup. Our customer service works 24 hours and is always ready to help you remove junk cars from your surroundings. Being a professional scrap car removal company, we make sure that junk cars are scrapped in an environment-friendly manner. Parts from your scrap cars that could be recycled and reused are separated before shredding the remaining parts.

Part of our proceeds goes to supporting local charities. So, when you receive cash for scrap cars in Richmond, you are also contributing to some local charity organisations in the region. We provide our scrap car removal service in major cities of Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Call us now at (604) 800-1400 and get cash for scrap cars in Richmond.

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