Keeping junk cars in your garage is dangerous as it would harm the air we breathe in and the water we drink. What if you get paid to remove scrap cars from your garage? Got Scrap car offers cash for scrap cars in Surrey. All you have to do is call us and schedule your pick up. You get instant cash based on the condition of your car. It is a case of double delight, isn’t it?

Every part of a scrap car could cause considerable damage to the environment. Tires of scrap cars release toxins that contaminate groundwater and soil. Gases released from them could pollute our surroundings and could harm even plants and animals. If you are concerned about your increasing carbon footprint, you must remove scrap cars immediately from your garages. Scrap car removal companies will give cash for scrap cars in Surrey and could even tow away your scrap car for free.

Scrap car removal companies will take your scrap cars to junkyards and remove parts that could be recycled and reused. The parts that can’t be reused are shredded and disposed of following an environment-friendly process. Thus, the industry prevents scrap cars from clogging landfill spaces and polluting the environment. Recycling is essential for creating a sustainable future for all of us. Canada’s auto recycling industry collects about 95% of end-of-life vehicles every year for recycling.

Got Scrap Car is the scrap car removal company you have to approach if you want cash for scrap cars in Surrey. Our 24-hour customer service is always ready to help you, and all you need to do is call us and give a quick rundown about your scrap car. It will help if you tell us about its model, its year of manufacture and its location. Our experts will come to your location and assess the scrap car and give you a free, no-obligation offer. Being a responsible scrap car removal company, part of our proceeds goes to local charities.

Got Scrap Car is a locally owned and operated scrap car removal company primarily based in Vancouver, Canada. But we provide junk car removal services in Surrey, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, Langley, Burnaby, White Rock, Abbotsford, Hope and other cities within the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

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