We’ve been talking lots lately on why you should choose Gotscrapcar as your car scrapping service. We’ve shared some insights on how we work and what happens to your car after we take it away from you.

Today we decided to concentrate on the reasons behind cash for scrap cars the program, why we exist and how exactly you choosing to work with us will benefit the environment.

But before we dive in further, let us highlight quickly the 5 symptoms that may indicate it’s time to retire your car!

1.Excessive rust – All good things have an expiry date, and your car is no exception. Rust is a deterioration process in metal. It is a big issue in old cars because their entire structure is made of metal that is being slowly dissolved by rust. This affects the functionality and safety of the vehicle.

2.Non-stop repairs – We know that some of us have a special bond with their old car, but at some point, it just becomes a money dump. Availing a junk car removal service is sometimes more lucrative than repeated repairs!

3.Lack of safety features – This is a no-brainer, as old vehicles tend to have older safety protocols.

4.Constant Weird noises – It might seem like you’re driving a mythical creature that stomps and grunts all the time, but this is simply a sign of some serious internal damage. This vehicle might be unsafe to operate and it might be worthwhile considering a scrap car towing company.

5.Serious noticeable deterioration. This point is a sum of all of the above – rust, constant repairs, lack of safety features and strange unexplainable noises are all signs of serious deterioration and just means that it’s time to consider cash for your clunker. 

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Why you can’t just leave it in your backyard

A lot of people retire their clunkers and let them sit in their backyard until they make up their minds on what to do with it next. This is a potentially dangerous decision as an unsupervised crumbling vehicle can cause some serious damage. 

Not only it will take your space, but old cars that are not suitable for use or even those that are left neglected can leak dangerous, toxic chemicals and heavy metals into the street drains or into the soil where children or animals play. This can turn your backyard into a potentially dangerous environment for any living organism that comes in contact with it. 

Scary, right? 

For some people, the process of scrapping their junk car can seem tedious, but we make it extremely easy – read about how we junk your cars in our blog here and give us a call for the same day pickup. 

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Car Recycling

One of the benefits of opting to  scrap car removal; is the recycling of its steel parts that consequently reduces steel production. But how bad is steel production for the environment?

It is extremely polluting!

Steel production requires large inputs of coke (a sort of coal) which is extremely damaging to the environment. Coke ovens emit air pollution such as naphthalene that is highly toxic and can cause cancer.

Steel production has a number of impacts on the environment, including air emissions (CO, SOx, NOx, PM2), wastewater contaminants, hazardous wastes, and solid wastes.*

Help the environment (and get paid for it!) – call us @ GOTSCRAPCAR today for your junk car removal

BONUS: Air quality

A recent study by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that Canadians and Americans drive the most climate polluting vehicles.

Vehicles from 2003 and older can be up to 39x more polluting than a newer car, so if you’re waiting for a sign to switch to a newer vehicle – here it is!

And don’t forget to call us (604) 800-1400 so we can take care of your old car in a nature-friendly way!

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