With the gradual waning of the Covid-19 pandemic, life was coming back to normal in Canada, when wildfires occurred across many provinces in the country. Canada has 9% of the world’s forests, and hence wildfires aren’t entirely uncommon for Canada during summer. But this time around, wildfires have come early with severe intensity and in larger numbers many previous years.

Data from Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) states that as of 14 July 2021, there have been 226 uncontrolled wildfires in different provinces in the country. The situation was so dire in British Columbia and Ontario that it required a full commitment of resources for managing the wildfire and its aftermath.

We all must do everything possible to prevent wildfires, and that includes removing everything from our homes that might add fuel to wildfires. If you have a scrap car in your garage, it is important to remove it as soon as possible, as it could become a reason for wildfire.

Scrap cars are highly flammable

Scrap car tires are highly flammable and during a wildfire they could trigger the further spread of the fire. As car tires are made up of rubber, they will catch fire easily. To make matters worse, when they catch fire, scrap car tires will release poisonous gases that are harmful for all living things. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that scrap cars and their tires are removed as soon as possible from your garage.

Fluids that are left behind in the scrap cars are great sources of fuel for fire and that includes petrol, coolant, solvents and motor oil. These fluids will leak and spread all around the area and could become sources of raging wildfire. Professional scrap car removal companies will remove the fluids and other flammable material before towing them away. That will reduce the probability of contributing to wildfire growth.

Car batteries in scrap cars are another source of potential fire fuel that could aggravate wildfires. Liquid electrolytes from these batteries are highly flammable and could be dangerous during times of wildfires. Removing scrap cars from your garage could take away the possibility of car batteries catching up fire and aggravating wildfires.

Metals from scrap cars could also fuel wildfire. Aluminium, bronze, tin, copper, lead could all combust and create havoc. It is also difficult to put off such fire using normal fire extinguishers. Firefighters could find it extremely difficult to stop metals from catching fire, and often they allow it to burn itself out.

As wildfires are getting more frequent in Canada due to global warming and other climate change factors, it is wise to remove scrap cars from your surroundings. Call a professional scrap car removal company and ask them to tow away your scrap car. You could reduce your carbon footprint and can earn cash too for scrap car removal.

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