If you have a junk car in your garage, then you don’t have to worry about its removal. Got Scrap Car offers junk car removal in Burnaby. We will come to your location and tow away your junk car for free. We offer fair cash for junk cars in Burnaby, based on its condition. You will never be disappointed about approaching us for your junk car removal. Even if the batteries of your junk car aren’t working, or if it has flat tires, we don’t mind. We have all the equipment required to remove junk vehicles of all sizes.

Our experts have many years of experience in doing junk car removal in Burnaby. We will tow away your junk car to a scrapyard and will recycle and reuse parts that can be salvaged. The remaining parts are shredded and disposed of following an environmentally-friendly process. We are committed to provide a safe and clean environment to our future generations. It is why we follow safe procedures that don’t harm nature while doing junk car removal in Burnaby.

The customer service of Got Scrap Car is available 24 hours and is ready to help you anytime on junk car removal in Burnaby. We offer same day service, and it can be within the hour in some cases. All you have to do is call us and schedule the pickup of your junk car in Burnaby. While you call, you have to give us a quick rundown about your junk car including, its model, make, year of manufacturing and location. Our experts will come to your location and assess the condition of your junk car. Based on it, they will provide you a no-obligation offer.

Got Scrap Car makes sure that the process we follow in our junk car removal in Burnaby is completely transparent. We don’t have any hidden costs in our junk car removal service in Burnaby, and it is the reason why we have been receiving rave reviews from customers across BC. We are committed to our society and hence part of our proceeds goes in supporting local charities.

We help our Burnaby customers in reducing their carbon footprint. Junk cars languishing in your garages can cause immense harm to nature. It can pollute the air we breathe in and can contaminate the water we drink. It can also act as a catalyst during wildfires. The government of Canada is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40-45% below 2005 levels by 2030. You can read more about it from our blog post, How Canada is Aiming at an Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Target. By doing junk car removal in Burnaby, let’s be a part of our government’s commitment in reducing greenhouse emissions.

For junk car removal in Burnaby, call us now at (604) 800-1400. We also offer our junk car removal services in major cities in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

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