Got Scrap Car is the company you have to contact if you are looking to junk cars in Surrey. Responsible citizens realize the danger of keeping junk cars at home. Toxic gases that come out of the junk car can pollute the air around us. Fluid leaks from the junk car can contaminate the water we drink. It can even cause problems for the plant and animal life around us. And you have more incentive to remove junk cars from your garage; you will get paid based on the condition of your old clunker.

If you have a junk car in your garage and you want to scrap it, all you have to do is call us and schedule your pick up. While you call, you have to give a quick rundown about your junk car, including its make, model, year of manufacture and location. Our experts will assess your junk car and will offer you a free, no-obligation offer. Based on the condition of the car, we will pay you instant cash. We will tow away your junk cars in Surrey for free, and there are no hidden charges in it.

On removing junk cars in Surrey to the scrapyard, we will remove parts of the car that can be recycled and reused. It is a great way to save natural resources as they can be used while making new cars. The remaining parts are shredded and disposed of in an environment-friendly process. By doing so, we make sure that junk car parts don’t clog landfill spaces.

In addition to junk cars, we also remove other heavy junk vehicles in Surrey as we have all the equipment needed to remove big vehicles. Our team specializes in fast scrap removal of a wide range of vehicles. Being a responsible junk car removal company, a part of our proceeds goes to local charities, which is our way of giving back to society.

Call Got Scrap Car at (604) 800-1400 speak to our 24-hour customer service, who would be happy to help you in the removal of junk cars in Surrey.

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