Scrap car removal is a process of disposing of those old and damaged cars which are no longer roadworthy and they also cannot be repaired. In simple words, Scrap car removal is a process of recycling the parts and materials of old and damaged cars. This process is not only beneficial for the car owner but also for the environment as well. These useless, old and damaged cars are only for just occupying space in your parking area or garage.

Scrap Car Removal Canada

Best Scrap Car Removal Company in Canada

There are many specialized companies in Canada, But as we already know that Vancouver is one of the largest scrap car removal regions. If you have an old car, you are looking for the best way to sell /get rid of your old and damaged car without repairing it, if yes so – no look further Got scrap car, located at 8623 Granville St unit 148, Vancouver, BC V6P 5A2, Canada is best scrap car removal company in Vancouver, that can buying these old or damaged cars and also give you cash payment.

We are experts at recycling cars. We have made many clients happy with our best service. Our friendly and experienced scrap car sellers provide customers with instant cash offers. Our mission is to pay the most cash for your car, then quickly and efficiently remove it for recycling.

Free Scrap Car Removal

A car which is sold to a scrap metal dealer for the purpose of recycling the metal. Often cars where the value of metal exceeds the value of the actual car on the secondary market. We are here to help you with a quick, easy and convenient way to remove the scrap car in Vancouver.

If you want to sell your car which is useless and neglected sitting in a garage that is alright! We buy these cars for instant cash and the best part is, It doesn’t matter what’s the condition and model of your car.

We are fully licensed and certified in car removal. We have best cash offers. We give top priority to our clients. We have free towing and instant pickup service and free paperwork. We also complete paperwork and other legal requirements on the same day. 

Benefits For Scrap Car Removal

  • Fast and trustworthy services: we are giving you fast and trustworthy services for scrap cars. We respond to our clients within a very short time. We provide quick and safe service. We ensure that our services are within your budget. We always win our client’s trust and stand by their expectations with our services.
  • Free towing and instant pickup service: Free towing for scrap car removal is provided by our company which is professional in removing the old and damaged car. Like wise, We are offering free towing and instant pickup service to our clients. We tow cars in a very short time period.
  • Earn extra money: We buy scrap cars in any condition and with any problem. Because as we know, A car is not just a gadget. You are emotionally invested for it. That’s why you want to make the best decision for it’s scrap. So, We give top priority to our clients with best cash offers. We pay more cash than the others.
  • Professional and expert team: We have professional, friendly and experienced staff in our company. Our expert team has proper knowledge of scrap car material. Our first priority is to satisfy our client anyhow. We have made many clients happy with our best services.
  • Environmental benefits: Scrap car removal is the best way to protect the environment from pollution. Because the old and damaged cars have that type of toxic, chemicals and acids which polluted our environment. So, scrap car removal is very beneficial for the environment.

If you have an old and damaged car that you want to sell. You can contact with us : +1(604)800-1400 or e-mail: for the best and stress-free service.

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