Gone are the days when your scrap cars are kept in your garages, where they will stay around for a long time, leaking harmful fluids to the ground and sending poisonous gases to the air. We are now more aware of our environment and our responsibility towards creating a sustainable future.

You can take your scrap car to a scrapyard, or there are specialized companies that offer scrap car removal service. These companies can even provide cash for your old clunker. Their business is to buy these scrap cars, remove and reuse parts that are useful and then shred the remaining parts using crushers and shredders.

So, what is the process of scrapping a car in the scrapyard?

Bringing the scrap car to the scrapyard – Once you have taken the scrap car to the scrapyard, it may stay in an open lot for some time, particularly if there are many scrap cars already in the line. Experts will assess the scrap car and decide on the next course of action.

Removing hazardous materials – Scrap cars contain many materials that are hazardous to nature. The first process is to remove those toxic elements from the scrap car. Materials like coolants, oil, fuels, glass and batteries are removed first. If they aren’t removed, fluids may leak and contaminate the groundwater, and toxic gases may pollute the air.

Car batteries are generally removed first as they contain lead and different kinds of acids. Fuel, oil and coolants are then removed. Lubricants, refrigerants, wash fluids, anti-freeze fluids etc., are also removed. Car parts like the speedometer system and seatbelts may contain toxic mercury. They are then removed to stop the scrap car from contaminating the atmosphere.

Removing parts that can be recycled – It is essential to remove parts that can be recycled and reused. Making use of recycled parts is very important as it will prevent the undesirable use of natural resources for making new car parts. Parts like tires, engine and body panels could be recycled and reused in other vehicles.

Crushing and shredding other parts – Once parts that could be salvaged are removed for recycling, the remaining portion of the scrap car is crushed and shredded into small pieces. Car crushing machines are used for crushing the car, and then shredders are used to further shred them.

It is vital to make use of scrap car removal companies to remove junk cars from your garages. They can remove and recycle parts in good condition and shred other parts that can no longer be used. By making use of their service, we can save landfill spaces and protect our environment.

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