If you are one of those car owners who owns a car that is hardly legal to drive, then you must really be looking for a scrap car removal company. You can get rid of your old car, save more space in your garage, make some money, and save your environment by allowing scrap car removal companies to tow away your old clunker.

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One of the most important reasons to get rid of your old car as soon as possible is the environmental issues it could cause. If you allow your old car to lie idle at your garage, fluids leaking out of it could contaminate the water you drink. Toxic gases coming out of it could pollute the surrounding air. It not only affects human beings, but also all living organisms around you, including animals and plants.

When you call a scrap car removal company and ask them to remove your old clunker, you save a lot of space at your home. Some free space is always a wonderful thing to have, and you can utilise that space to expand your facilities. You may also use the extra space to do something creative and useful.

Before you call them, it is important to know what scrap car removal services do?

Assess the condition of your scrap car – One of the first things that scrap car removal companies do is to assess the condition of the car. When you call, you need to give them a quick rundown about the condition of your car, including the year of manufacturing, make and model. Experts from scrap car removal companies will come to your location and assess the value of your car.

No obligation offer – Based on the assessment made, the scrap car removal company will give you a no-obligation offer. You must make sure that there are no hidden costs involved in the scrap car removal.

Get instant cash – Most scrap car removal companies will give you instant cash for your cold clunker, before towing it away from your garage. The cash compensation will obviously depend on the condition of your scrap car. It is advisable to check with more than one scrap car removal company to make sure that you get the best offer for your scrap car.

Free scrap car towing – Once they agree to remove your scrap car away from your garage, scrap car removal companies will tow away the car on the same day. Good scrap car removal companies will offer free scrap car towing. Ask them beforehand if they provide free towing for your scrap car. There are scrap car removal companies that charge you for towing away the scrap car.

Remove useful parts – At first, scrap car removal companies will remove all toxic elements from the scrap car. Then all useful parts from the scrap car are salvaged, recycled and reused. The remaining parts are used as scrap metal, which is often used to make new products.

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