You may have driven your car for many years, and you may be emotionally attached to your car. But there comes a time when you will have to think about scrapping your car.

When is it time to scrap your car? It is a question that is in the mind of many car owners.

Here we explain 5 things to look for to decide whether it is time to scrap your car.

Cost of repair is higher than the worth of the car – After many years of running, your car will have a lot of wear and tear. You will have to constantly take your car to repair, incurring a lot of cost to you. If the cost of repair of your car is higher than the worth of the car, then it is time to scrap your car.

Many people keep on spending more and more money on repairing a car that has outlived its usefulness. Don’t make that mistake; scrap your car as soon as possible – it could still give you some profit.

Many car parts are missing – Sometimes people strip car parts off and sell them individually for profit. If you have removed many car parts (which makes the car unusable), then it is time to scrap your car.

You can either sell off the car for scrap or you can salvage the remaining parts and sell those parts for cash. It makes sense, in time, effort and monetary perspective to scrap your old clunker.

Your car is no longer fuel efficient – As cars become old, they tend to become less fuel efficient. Maintaining such a car and using it for travel could result in huge loss of money. Fuel prices are on the rise all over the world and when your car is no longer fuel efficient it is better to scrap your old car.

With the availability of electric and hybrid technology for cars, you will struggle to sell those old clunkers that run on fossil fuels. Then the only alternative left with you will be to scrap your old car.

Your car becomes an environmental hazard – Fluid leaks from old cars are dangerous to the environment as it could contaminate the underground water. Similarly, gases coming out of your old clunker could pollute the air you breathe. Old cars can also act as catalysts for wildfires.

Scraping your car becomes the only option left to you to make sure that your car is no longer an environmental hazard.

You no longer need your old car – There may be many reasons why you no longer need your old car. You may have upgraded to a new car; you may have moved to a place that has a better public transport system or you may have some health issues that prevent you from driving a car.

Whatever be the reason, if you are unable to find someone who is willing to purchase your old car, it is wise to scrap the old car and get maximum cash from it.

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