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cash for clunkers

We don't care how rundown and out of shape your car is. It doesn't matter if it doesn't
have tires, if the doors have to be taped shut and it's missing a window or two; we'll be
happy to take it off your hands. We are Got Scrap Car, the company that does the best
scrap car removal in Vancouver.

We aim to recycle the whole car (interiors and exterior) and keep it from clogging
landfills and polluting the environment. The scrap cars in BC are towed away for
recycling where it is crushed, disassembled and converted into a new car, truck or any
other machine you can think of. And guess what, you can remove your scrap car for

We haul worn-out cars and broken trucks of all shapes and sizes. If you're located
anywhere in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, we'll be at your service. And the best
part is that we do scrap car removal in Vancouver for free.

To access our scrap car removal services, all you need to do is give us a quick rundown
of your car's condition—the year, model, etc. Let us know where it's located, and we'll
get to it right away. Accurate details will ensure we give you the best possible cash offer
for scrapping your car. We'll inspect the condition of the car and will provide you with a
free, no-obligation offer. Part of the proceeds of our scrap car removal in Vancouver
goes to local charities.

Here's what you'll get with us:
Same day service—it can be within the hour in some cases!
24 hrs customer service; just call (604) 398-5218
Instant cash for clunkers depending on the car condition

2-4508 Main, St. Vancouver,V5V 3R5
2-4508 Main, St. Vancouver,V5V 3R5