Has your battery pack reached the ultimate end of its life? You can be wondering: Where can we recycle my vehicle battery pack? Fortunately, there are hundreds of car battery internet sites that are recycling Canada.

Where Can I Recycle Car Batteries for Money

Although the small batteries we used to power household devices are recycled by Got Scrap Car in Canada, lead acid vehicle batteries are collected by people of the Canadian Battery Association (CBA).

CBA depots across Canada need your vehicle battery. A lot of these car battery sites that are recycling:

  • Scrap Car Removal Points, such as Got Scrap Car Vancouver
  • Recycling depots
  • Landfills
  • Transfer stations designated to receive materials that are dangerous

Where can you will find a motor vehicle battery depot that is recycling?

When your car or truck or boat battery pack is dead, all you have to do is find your recycling depot that is closest. Or you can straight visit https://www.gotscrapcar.com/ or call us at (604) 800-1400 to get money for your dead battery pack.

How does car battery recycling work? Is there a fee?

Got Scrap Car encourage your vehicle battery. The ‘core’ recycling charge that could be added to the price of a brand new battery pack is waived you buy a brand new battery pack whenever we receive the old battery pack when. In addition to batteries for your car or truck, SUV and vehicle, we also accept and stock batteries for your RV, motorboat, commercial and farm vehicles.

Some scrap that is private or battery recycling organizations will spend you for exhausted vehicle batteries.

You should be certain to handle care along the way to your battery. Some people like to wear gloves and double-bag their batteries for easy transport to a recycling depot. 

We Buy Old Batteries

We buy old, used, and scrap batteries at a cost that is competitive. We are one of the Edmonton’s major recyclers of scrapped acid batteries, and we happen a frontrunner that is proud the green environmental movement for years. The Battery Doctor has prevented large quantities of the toxic chemicals from entering our drinking water and contaminating our soils by reusing select batteries and recycling 100% for the lead, acid, and plastic from an incredible number of pounds of scrap batteries.

Today give us a call! We are fully certified by the Alberta Government. 


  • Lowest Prices in British Columbia
  • Free System Check
  • Installation on Most Cars
  • Year Batteries Guaranteed for One
  • Buy Scrap Batteries for Top Dollar
  • Major Recycler of Scrap Lead Acid Batteries


Can you get money from an old battery?

Most recyclers and scrap yards will pay for your scrap batteries per a pound. It is quite rare that the price is offered per an individual battery. This is especially good news for businesses. As a business owner you can arrange truckloads of used batteries to be collected by recyclers.

Who pays the most for old car batteries?

GOT SCRAP CAR VANCOUVER often buy used car batteries. The significant advantage is the potentially higher payout. However, it requires more effort on your part, including contacting multiple yards to get the best price and transporting the battery yourself.

How do I dispose of a car battery in BC?

When your vehicle or boat battery is dead, all you need to do is find your closest recycling depot. The website https://www.gotscrapcar.com/ locates nearby CBA depot locations in BC, Manitoba and the Maritime provinces.

How much is a scrap battery worth?

Today, average scrap car battery prices are: £420 MT / £0.42 KG / £0.19 LB. Only at Scrappie will you find the most up-to-date and trustworthy source of scrap metal prices in the UK. Real-time averages based on the latest dealer prices

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