You have a junk car in your garage, wasting your space, causing pollution and damaging your environment. You are aware of your carbon footprint and how the junk car is increasing it further. You might be wondering how anyone can find any worth in getting hold of your junk car.

But the fact is, some potential buyers would be interested in buying your junk car and pay you instant cash. Junk cars have scrap value, and a professional scrap car removal company could recycle and reuse parts from your junk car.

  • To be used as scrap metal – Scrap car companies will buy your junk car for the value of the scrap metal in it. They don’t buy your junk car for driving it on the road, and hence they don’t mind even if your junk car is completely wrecked. These scrap companies will melt down your junk car and use the metal to make new products. Based on the weight of the junk car, scrap companies will pay you cash. According to some estimates, 18 million tons of steel are reused from automobiles.
  • To be used to recycle parts – Professional scrap car removal companies will assess your junk car’s condition and pay you instant cash based on their evaluation. They will remove parts that could be recycled and reused. Batteries, tires, windshields, transmissions and engine oil can be recycled and reused. Scrap car removal companies will remove parts that can be recycled, and the remaining parts are shredded and disposed of following processes that don’t harm the environment.
  • Get maximum value for your junk car – You should clearly understand the scrap market to get the total value for your junk car. Research and learn about the scrap removal process and demand for junk cars in your locality. Speaking with local scrap companies would help you understand more about the demand in the market. Many online portals give you up-to-date information about scrap metal value. In Canada, we have many apps that help you learn about scrap metal rates. You also have the option of putting online advertisements on your junk car, so that scrap companies can directly approach you with the offer.

The best way forward

Approaching a scrap car removal company and asking them to assess the condition of your junk car is the best way forward. Their experts will evaluate your junk car and will offer you instant cash for your old clunker. If there are no parts that can be salvaged and reused, then you can sell your junk car to scrap companies, which will melt the car and use the steel to produce new car parts.

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