Landfill sites exist all over the world and are significant sources of environmental pollution. These sites receive rubbish from households and commercial establishments. Household wastes, agricultural sewage, debris from construction sites, and toxic waste from industrial establishments all end up at landfills sites. Though there are strict regulations on how landfill sites must function, we must do everything possible to ensure that the situation never goes out of control.

Scrap car parts have added to the problem of landfills causing pollution. Toxic gases coming out of scrap cars pollute the air around us, and fluids leaking out of it contaminate the water we drink. The auto recycling industry has come up with solutions that could positively impact and reduce the effects of scrap car parts filling up landfills sites. If you have scrap cars at your garage, it is best to contact a scrap car removal company that could salvage car parts, recycle and reuse them.

Recycling scrap cars can positively impact landfill use and reduce pollution in many ways.

  1. Reduction in toxic fluid leaks – Landfills sites are fertile grounds for water pollution as fluid leaks from scrap cars can find their way into drinking water. Gasoline, engine oil, gear oil can all contaminate our drinking water. It can even affect the animals and plants around us. It can also affect crops and create severe issues for the farming community to make matters worse. Recycling scrap cars makes sure that fewer scrap cars are getting into landfill sites and reduces water pollution chances from those sites.
  2. Reduced air pollution – Greenhouse gases coming out of scrap cars in landfill sites could pollute the air we breathe in. For a sustainable future, we must reduce air pollution as much as possible. Methane gas coming out of scrap cars is more potent and dangerous than carbon dioxide. When the recycling industry takes away scrap cars for salvaging reusable parts, there are fewer chances of air pollution from landfill sites.
  3. More space for non-recyclable materials – By keeping away recyclable scrap car parts from the landfill sites, we can make room for more non-recyclable materials. Landfill sites are unavoidable to make way for household and commercial rubbish. Keeping away scrap cars and other auto parts from these sites can create more space for such materials.
  4. Reduced chances of fire mishaps – We have often heard about fire mishaps at landfills sites. It is because decomposing scrap car parts form methane gas, which is highly flammable. Fluids like gasoline and engine oil could worsen the flames, and such fire could burn for many weeks. With the removal of scrap cars from landfill sites, we can reduce the probability of such mishaps.
  • How could Got Scrap Car help?

Scrap car removal companies like Got Scrap Car can remove scrap cars from garages and recycle and reuse parts that can be salvaged. And the best part is that we offer cash for scrap car removal in Vancouver. You can also feel good about not contributing to the pollution from the landfill sites.

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